Q-Strip 2.0 Public API – PHP – MySQL

Q-Strip 2.0 Public API – PHP – MySQL
Q-Strip 2.0 Public API – PHP – MySQL

Install Your own API on Your webserver.

All You need is a MySQL database to create the tables and modify Your login credentials.

To register Your device looks like this:

Your key can be used in Your device token for Your public Cloud API. This will enable the authorisation to insert data into Your API database.

Once Your logged in Your dashboard will look like this


The zip files contains the user.sql and clouddata.sql scripts to create Your tables in Your MySQL Database.

Once that has been done, You can simple use Your credentials in the connect.php file.

Your API will be alive on Your domain, and You can use the endpoint of the api.php file in the endpoint URL in the Q-Strip Cloud settings tab of Your Q-Strip 2.0 datalogger.


If You have Multiple devices You can use the same token but change the device ID’s,

Your devices will be grouped in Your dashboard.


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