Q-Strip 2.0 Public API – PHP – MySQL

Q-Strip 2.0 Public API – PHP – MySQL184 DownloadsInstall Your own API on Your webserver. All You need is a MySQL database to create the tables and modify Your login credentials. To register Your device looks like this: Your key can be used in Your device token for Your public Cloud API. This will enable […]

Q-Strip 2.0 Microsd Card Config Installer

Q-Strip 2.0 Microsd Card Config Installer30 DownloadsThe Q-Strip 2.0 config installer file will create a settings file to be used on Your Q-Strip datalogger. The software is written for Windows systems.  We can modify the config file manualy by editing it on any system as a TXT file with Json nodes in it.   Connect […]

Windows Q-Strip Data Analyzer

Windows Q-Strip Data Analyzer383 Downloads  This Windows software is public knowledge for educational purposes. Attached is as well a 1 year dataset to give You an idea of what a sweat rate looks like during night. Download Now!