First Launch: we’re revealing information that is new to science, and is currently being studied at several universities!

It is Your First Fundamental Research Experience of Nocturnal Perspiration over IoT.

Did you ever want to know when you sweat during sleep? There is almost nothing known about this, simply because there was never a sensor like this.

This is your chance to get your hands on the world’s first open source Arduino available prototype.

It’s full IoT compatible and works directly with the Arduino cloud (free for 2 devices)

You can program Your Arduino Nano IoT micro board by the basic code that’s being provided to make everything work over your own WIFI at home.

You will get 1 (3D printed) assembled Q-Strip socket casing and 2 Q-Strip prototypes. Optional is the Arduino nano IoT connect board you would like to use. A pre-soldered version is also available (ready to be registered at Arduino Cloud), plug and play.

What do we offer

  • All Arduino sources as well 3D print (stl) file will be included
  • a– 2x Q-Strip Sensor + socket [50 euro]
  • b– 2x Q-Strip Sensor + socket + Arduino nano 33 IoT [75 euro]

Price does not include postage costs from The Netherlands .

A little background

The first observations of Q-Strip are being done by 60 people, this group is still growing, from all over the world. It is currently being used by different types of people, ranging from the average person, to doctors to sleep researchers, and is being researched at several universities. We are in the first stage of discovery! Researchers from the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, have published a peer reviewed article about the promising results. That’s why now it is a unique opportunity to be on the forefront of research.

We’re moving like a rocket to spread this solution that reveals the “untouched” world of night sweats.

By opening this research to the public to gather real world data, our goal is to rapidly benefit people like you and to lead to advances in research on wellness and a variety of medical conditions. At the end of the day we all sleep!

By participating you will be helping explore unknown territory. A limit of 200 pieces is being sold under research purposes.This Your limited chance to pré-order a device what makes the impossible possible!