Get ready to program Your launch!

Register or login at Your Arduino Cloud and go to the top “Devices” like You can see in the screenshot. From there You can start the setup of Your Arduino device. Your device is a Arduino Nano 33 IoT board. It will be detected automatically by the Arduino agent.You will probably will get a notice to install and that background service.It will make the communication between Your board and the Cloud.

Do not forget to put Your network credentials of Your WIFI secret tab.Your device need a connection to the internet ^^

Once the board is registred You can navigate to the top menu to”Things” and->  “Sketch”, where we can copy the code below from the Arduino Cloud. After that You can navigate to  “Things”, where we will register our variable “Sweat” as an integer type.

Once tha’s done You can create Your dashboard, add a chart widget linking the var “Sweat” and Your done.

If people are having a local SD device, Your qstrip.txt can be easely read by this software Q-Strip_Data_Analyzer_software   It’s all open sourced Delphi compiled pascal code.