Importing Your Qstrip.txt Sweat Data and just drag it into this Analyzer.

You can download this free Windows Software by clicking the link: [download DataAnalyzer 1.4]

By default this download contains an example qstrip.txt file to play around with this small piece of software.

  • -Have a full overview on the full data collection
  • -zoom in and jump directly into specific dates.
  • -export JPG images from the charts saved with date file names in the /images folder

For some extra datasets You can download this example of 133 days of nocturnal perspiration Download Here (1,5 MB)  and simply drag andf drop it into the Q-Strip analyzer software.

Importing Your qstrip.txt file into a chart with Google docs.

  • -Copy the document so You can write to Your own document.
  • -Copy Past Your lines from the qstrip.txt file on the SD card from the logger.
  • -Select the first column, go to top menu “Data-> Split Text to Columns”.

Your data will now appear in a free google docs chart !

Link to the google docs spreadsheet

Patterns 58  days logged with an Q-Strip SD-Logger. For Your knowledge, each spike is a night of sweat.