If we don't know how we sweat during sleep, Why don't we just quantify it?

Open Observation Project with participants worldwide.

Do you know when and how much you sweat during sleep? In science there is limited knowledge about how humans sweat during sleep. Until know it was not possible to measure sweat rates at home. Technology was too complicated and expensive. Until know. Q-strip introduces a very simple tool to measure humidity changes in bed during the night. 

This is a novelty worldwide!  Everyone is invited to join the first public IoT noctural sweat rate observation project in the history! Imagine how much science and humanity could benefit from the insights of nocturnal sweating. Everyone is invited to join the project. Let’s start and collect worldwide data!

Plug & Play IoT over WiFi

This is your opportunity to get your hands on the world’s first open source Arduino available Q-strip prototype. It’s plug and play for Arduino Cloud. Just register it and go!

The first observations of Q-Strip are being done by 60 people from all over the world. The numbers are growing, and the people range from average citizens to scientists. We are in the first stage of discovery! Researchers from the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland used Q-strip as a case study in a peer reviewed article about the validation of real world data.

By opening the sensor to the public to gather real world data, Our goal is to get more people excited about including night sweats in both research and product development.

At the end of the day we all sleep! By participating you will be helping explore unknown territory.

This device is NOT a medical device. We don’t measure the body directly. Q-strip measures humidity changes in bed. Our prototypes are hand made and only for observational purposes available.

A limit of 200 pieces is being set as max for the pré sale in totally. When Your order is being placed, the process will start to build Your device by hand for You.

So this Your chance to pré-order a device that makes the impossible possible.